Thursday, January 18, 2018

what to pack: Disney!

Our family LOVES to visit Disney World. It's one of our favorite yearly traditions. We go every Thanksgiving and every year we seem to have more fun than the year before.  Every time I go I always get so many questions from readers about what to pack to Disney.  Packing for Disney can be super tricky with Florida weather. Since we usually go during fall/winter it's never scorching hot (though I have heard the horror stories of when it is super hot there).  We usually have warm afternoons with chilly mornings and nights.  And usually a few sprinkles are inevitable as well.

When I pack for Disney I always make sure I have PLENTY of layers. A denim jacket, a rain jacket, a sweatshirt and a cardigan are always safe bets. Then from there I make sure I have comfortable basics on hand like denim shorts, an easy day dress, sneakers and a few t-shirts.  For a day in the parks I like to wear a pair of shorts or jeans (for cooler days) with a t-shirt or tank and a top layer depending on the weather. Then for evenings at Disney Springs I always like to include a dress or I love this comfy looking romper and an extra layer like this denim jacket for outdoor dining and shopping. Sneakers are a MUST for the day time, for nights or around the pool a simple pair of sandals is perfect.

I always pack this bag to carry in the parks.  It holds a lot of stuff (like snacks, water bottles, and extra chargers for days in the park or towels, books and spf for days at the pool) and has a zip top for those wild rides (wink, wink). Then I like to make sure I pack a little clutch for dinners out or for when my shoulder can't manage one more minute of a heavy bag.  Of course a little pool time is a necessity to rest those tired feet so I'm always sure to pack a comfortable bathing suit and a hat.

Every year I look for a cute Mickey shirt to buy before I go and usually come up empty handed (what's up with that!?!?).  This past trip I snagged this men's tee in a small and it was perfect!

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

my everyday style: neutral layers!

My mind is on spring, but the weather is still firmly planted in winter. So to get by I've been depending on simple neutral layers daily.  An easy cardigan and a simple striped t-shirt are the perfect combo for these long winter days.  If you live somewhere it's not too cold then this could be a complete outfit. If you live where it's cold like me then you will find me wearing this outfit with a long belted puffer or wool coat over top. Either way... the simple layers transition easily from the plaid, fair isle and bulky sweaters of November and December easily into less and less layers over the coming months.

I love pieces like this striped t-shirt and this cardigan this time of year because they are just so versatile.  This cardigan is perfect now layered over long sleeves, but as the weather warms it would be great over a sun dress or tank top.  And likewise with this classic striped top.  Right now it's layered with a cardigan but as the weather warms in the coming months it's great on it's own or with shorts. 

January and February shopping and dressing is ALL about transition for me. I am constantly thinking about how the purchases I am making these days will transition to spring. It's also a great time of year to think about investing in those classic season-less pieces as well.  Your future wardrobe will thank you!

Outfit Details:
Bag (similar or similar)
Circle Necklace (similar or similar)

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Instagram lately!

It's time for a good old fashioned Instagram round up... these posts continue to be a favorite around here! It's fun to see a month's worth of highlights here and every time I pull together these posts I always think... oh I should wear that outfit again!  So not only is this post a lot of eye candy... but it's also great inspiration for pulling together some outfits.

This past month has been all about comfy outfits with plenty of layers. The weather has been so terrible we are mostly staying home and reading or watching lots of movies... so it's been a lot of lounging in general. Unless we have to go out... then it's all about multiple layers and bundling up.  

My favorite pjs that I got for Christmas... they are still available and so soft and stretchy.  Also, have you read this book? I'm half way through and it's impossible to put down! So good! (shop: pjs, book)

I'm officially hooked on sweatshirts.  My collection is rapidly growing and this one is definitely a new favorite! I sized up... this one runs a little small. (shop: sweatshirt, purse, hat, similar jeans, sneakers)

Another sweatshirt... big surprise!  This one is SO soft and comes in lots of fun patterns and styles... I highly recommend it. It's quite oversize so stay with your usual size for an oversized feel or size down if you want a snug-er fit. (shop: sweatshirt, similar hat, boots, jeans)

Lots and lots of layers is the theme this month, even around the house.  This sweater was a best seller here on the blog for 2017... and for good reason, it's a steal for cashmere! (shop: scarf, jeans, sweater, hat)

All the sweaters please.... (shop from bottom: pullover fleece, turtleneck sweater, cable knit sweater, grey sweater)

When I just can't seem to warm up, I pop on a vest... it helps a ton and you can even wear one under a winter coat on those crazy cold days.  And of course, a snowy day always calls for a good pair of SOREL boots. (shop: turtleneck sweater, similar vest, jeans, hat, mittens, boots)

Monday, January 15, 2018

my everyday style: out and about!

If you see me out and about lately, chances are my outfit is something like this... A scarf, sweater and puffer coat have been my daily go-to for January. I feel like for December I was into cute coats and hats and the 'perfect' winter outfit and now I'm like - let's just get out the door dressed and warm.  Anyone else?

I LOVE a good puffer coat for winter because really, nothing is warmer or easier to throw on. I have both long and short puffers like this one and love them both for different reasons.  This short one is super lightweight and easy to throw on making it perfect for errands or days when you are in and out of the car a lot or when it's not crazy cold. Plus, it's available in three colors and is under $90 - making it a great value as well!

I would be remiss to not mention that my sweater is a whopping 50% off today too!  Other items in the sale I am eyeing... this camo denim jacket is swoon worthy! This sweater is perfectly spring-y (it reminds me of rainbow sherbet!). And I'm pretty sure I need this sweater for Valentine's Day!

Outfit Details:
Sweater - 50% off!

Friday, January 12, 2018

my style resolutions for 2018 with Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus!

This post is sponsored by Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus. All opinions are my own.
Thank you for supporting the brands that support this blog!

I'm terrible at New Year's Resolutions... anyone else? I love starting the new year on a good note, but I'm never much for making or keeping to resolutions about diet, exercise, budgets or committing to "me time" - I'm usually at a loss of where to even begin!  But I always love to take time to evaluate my closet this time of year.  As I plan for a big end of the winter closet clean out and prepping my wardrobe for spring, I definitely have a clear idea about where I am going and what my goals are with my clothes for 2018.  So when Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus asked me to share my style resolutions for 2018, I knew that would be an easy task.

Without further ado... here are a few of my style resolutions for 2018, maybe you can relate to a few of these?

Style Resolutions 2018

1. Stick with what I know and love. I love to try new trends and in general try new things with my wardrobe, but usually they are a big flop for me. Then when I clean out my closet I get frustrated that I wasted money on something I knew was a risk but went for anyway.  In 2018 I'm going to trust my gut... if I think something isn't right for me (even if it looks soooooo cute on a fellow blogger) I'm going to stay away. That doesn't mean there isn't room for fun, it's just a reminder to trust my instincts better when I shop and worry less about what looks cute on other gals, and more about what I love.

2. Embrace neutrals. I love neutrals, I just do. And while I am super inspired by gals that wear lots of colors and print, that's just not me.  Sometimes I feel like a bad blogger or a boring blogger if I am wearing too many neutrals.  But this is me folks! Neutrals and all!  This year you are going to see a lot of neutrals on the blog, and I'm not even going to apologize in advance. It's happening!

3. Organize my closet once and for all.  Okay this one I say about 4 or 5 times a year. But this year I really mean it! Hopefully.  Ever since we moved into this house a year and a half ago, I've never quite gotten my closet the way I want it... this year I'm hoping to rework it a bit and finally get it where I feel like I can find things easily and be inspired. Does anyone else struggle with this? I don't know exactly the steps I am going to need to take for this... but I've got it top on my priority list!

4. Make photoshoots as effortless as possible.  As a blogger, photoshoots are often hectic and disorganized which makes them super stressful for me.  And I only have myself to blame! This year I really want to resolve to be more organized before I shoot and during photoshoots.  It never fails that I get to a location and realize there are wrinkles in my top or coat or scarf or that I forgot to bring something.  It's so frustrating.  This year I'm laying out all my outfits in my office in advance, spot checking for wrinkles with my Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus and then adding a travel size Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus to my purse to have on hand during the photoshoot as well to make sure I am always looking my best.

This Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus smells so amazing! And I love that with a few easy sprays I can banish wrinkles and static (which is terrible this time of year) from my clothes for both everyday wear AND for those all important photoshoots.  It's going to make my life a whole lot simpler (and wrinkle free) this year.

What are some of your style resolutions for this year? I would love to know!

Thursday, January 11, 2018

fitness gear for 2018!

I don't necessarily go in to the New Year with goals to work out more... but I do tend to work out this time of year more than others.  Coincidence? Maybe.  I blame it on the terrible weather and the grey days.  There isn't much better to do and with the busy-ness of the holidays over I finally have time for me again.  Plus, let's not lie... spring break is on the horizon and the thought of me in a bathing suit right now isn't a pleasant one.

I realized this week after finally getting back to working out that my workout drawer needed a serious clean out and update! Not only do I really need a few new things (how do I only have 2 decent sports bras!?!) I really can use the incentive as well... because we all know that new workout wear can really inspire us to get to the gym AND helps us hold those planks longer. Well, at least the first part is true (wink, wink) - I only wish on the planking part.

By the way, I would love to know your favorite way to get sweaty!  Mine is Pure Barre... I really don't care for working out... but PB just does it for me. I love the music and that each class pushes me to my limit in the best way.  I am known to dabble in a little hot yoga and pilates as well.  Or if the weather cooperates I just love a good heart-pumping walk.  I'm so looking forward to spring for my walks to return!

Today I rounded up my personal wish list for some new fitness gear this year... there are some pretty amazing pieces here that I am totally crushing on.  Maybe a few will catch your eye too?

third row, from left: grey striped mesh topdrape back tank (so pretty, comes in a few colors!), black side ruched top (under $20!), pink twist top (under $17!)

fourth row, from left: black mesh panel leggings (under $30!), black leggings (the leggings everyone raves about!), black and white leggingsgrey shine leggings (under $35!), tie ankle leggings (under $30!)

bottom row, from left: pink sneakers (under $70!), grey sneakerssequin sneakers (OMG!)

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

the monthly edit: January 2018!

Oh January... the month of fresh starts combined with the coziness of winter. On the one hand I am ready to go out and tackle the world with the start of the new year.  On the other hand I just want to snuggle in with a book until spring.  So this month I am working to balance the "go-get-em" while also enjoying the downtime that winter brings. I'm not a HUGE fan of winter as you probably know by reading my blog, but I do love the excuse to be a home body, catch up on reading and cooking and generally just nest and enjoy my home before the busy spring and summer season.

This month I've got lots of pink on the brain - I think it's because it's such a fresh color that works for winter but hints at spring.  I'm really trying to take my health and wellness seriously this month after letting it go in November and December and besides that I am just trying to stay warm!  Here are the pieces that are inspiring me this month.

leopard flats - I'm craving all the classic pieces and these flats will be perfect to take my wardrobe from winter to spring.
'saturyay' sweatshirt - January is ALL about lounging and staying warm at home. This sweatshirt is so cute and perfect for a lazy Saturday. 
scarf & puffer coat - With a few months left of winter I'm trying to still keep putting together cute winter looks even though I am really SO over it.  I'm not ruling out a late season purchase of a cute scarf or coat at this point! 
pink bag - I'll take anything pink right now and this adorable pink bag is calling my name!
new jeans - my denim rotation needed some fresh new options and these jeans are perfect. This is my favorite cut of jean (of all time!) and I love the minor distressing.
cardigan   - Perfect for lounging and layering... which to me are extreme winter sports. (wink, wink)
pink yoga leggings - My New Year's resolutions are in full effect right now and while I don't make specific resolutions about weight or working out I definitely make them about feeling "good" and working out always feels good (well, after... not so much the during).

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

my everyday style: a leopard coat + 10 things making me happy right now!

I am finally getting back into the swing of LIFE after a crazy long (seeming) winter break for the kids.  Whew! It was great to step back a little from social media and work in general after a super busy holiday season here on the blog - but it feels equally good to be BACK in action now. I'm excited to get this year under way and take some quiet time to myself this week to work on goals for the year too. Today to start the year off on the right foot I've got 10 things that are making me happy right now!

1) This leopard coat! I'm a little late on the leopard coat trend this winter, but now I wish I had jumped in sooner!  It's such a fun coat to wear and it's just classic and crazy enough to be timeless.  This exact one is sold out, but I found a few similar options here, here and here.
2) Warmer temps are coming! After weeks of snow and sub-zero temperatures we are finally going to make it back to normal temps (20s and 30s) with maybe even a "warm" 40 degree day. It's crazy to get excited about that... but I am!
3) Warm weather travel... I'm counting down the MINUTES to warm weather travel! Oh my, it can't come soon enough but I am so glad it's finally on the horizon.
4) Spring retails is popping up! I'm loving dreaming about spring... it certainly helps to have gorgeous sandals, dresses and beach bags to help my day dreams along.
5) My husband and I are kicking off the year with a healthy eating and fitness challenge (maybe I'll share more on this later) and while I don't love quitting wine and candy and ice cream and pizza... I do love the feeling of being back to working out and eating healthy. That feels good.
6) That fresh feeling the house has once all the Christmas decorations come down. Yes, it's sad to see the tree come down and all it's other accouterments - but that FRESH feeling is one of a kind.  Suddenly my house feels 50% bigger!
7) I complain about winter but I do love this mental break to cuddle down a bit... after a super busy holiday season it's so nice to legitimately go to bed at 8pm without feelings like I should be doing something or that I am missing something.  Early bedtimes are unheard of in the summer, so I'm trying to enjoy this while it's here.
8) My winter skin has been terrible this year! So dry! I've been using this stuff on my face at night and it's working wonders.  It's seriously saving me.
9) I found these down blankets on crazy sale HERE recently and snagged a couple for our house.  They are SO warm and perfect for snuggling on the sofa, but you can bet I will be bringing them to soccer and football games next fall too! This blanket and a good book is the perfect evening activity for me!
10) You gals! I feel like I don't say it enough how THANKFUL I am for you gals that show up here and support me and support this little blog.  Without you ladies I wouldn't be able to do this amazing job!  I'm so excited to see what 2018 will hold for the blog... I have a feeling it's going to be GOOD.

Shop the pieces...

Outfit Details:
Leopard coat (similar, similar or similar)

Monday, January 8, 2018

home tour: dining room!

Please note, the cactus artwork was provided free of charge to me by Minted.
All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that support this blog.

I promised you guys a full house tour this fall and got all the photos taken and then BAM the holidays hit and I never got around to posting them all!  I promise to finish posting them soon... so far I've posted the living room (you can see that here) and I will soon be posting the kitchen and the family room.  Our house is always evolving and changing and with these photos being a few months old, I've already switched things up a little.  It's crazy how homes evolve like that!  But on to our dining room!

While most of our home is white and bright and airy, this room is the exact opposite.  When we moved in the previous owners had already painted it this cool moody blue-grey color and we instantly loved it.  This paint color is about the only thing in the whole house we didn't change.  The good news is we loved the color, the bad news is that I have ZERO leads on what actual color this is. I am constantly asked the color and I feel terrible saying I have NO idea. I wish I did. Maybe it's one of these!?!?  The paint color is definitely a departure for us and we love how moody and cozy it is. The chair rail trim was already installed in here as well... I think it helps break up the dark color as well. This is the perfect place to share a family meal, do puzzles or play games as a family.

We didn't have a huge budget for this room so we reused the chairs we had in our old house. This exact style is sold out, but I found a similar set of 4 here for a great price! Then we looked for budget buys for the rest of the room.  This dining table is from a local store, but I found a similar option here.  We knew we wanted a super long table to fit lots of guests.  We can even squeeze two more chairs at the table to seat 8 (and maybe even 10 if we really squeezed). A dining table is a big investment and a daunting one too. I had the absolute hardest time deciding - but in the end I love the blonde wood. It's so easy to decorate around.

We LOVE shopping for our home at IKEA - this light isn't anything fancy but it fits the space great and was $40.  It looks like this exact light is now sold out... but this one is similar and still reasonably priced.  Lighting is such a fun way to add personality to a room, but it can be expensive.  I often have trouble pulling the trigger on the expensive stuff, so one day if I decide I want something fancier then I won't feel bad about replacing the $40 option. In the future I would love to invest in this light... or something like it, I think it would be so pretty with the tray ceiling.

I really fell in love with these cactus prints for the dining room. I can't tell you why - I just did! It could have been that I had just gotten home from Arizona around when I was making selections for this room.  I guess those desert vistas really struck a cord with me.  When the prints first arrived I thought it might be time to breakdown and paint the room white. But the moody blue paint worked PERFECTLY with the greens and blues in the cactus prints and it was like it was meant to be! (left print, right print)

We knew we needed some storage in this room and this IKEA buffet was the perfect size for the spot. Plus, another budget find.  To add a little more personality to it I added these fun pulls that go better with the vibe of the room.  I found these cool woven baskets to use as wall decoration from Etsy - unfortunately it looks like the seller I bought them from doesn't sell them anymore. But I did see similar options at Home Goods recently.  I think it would be fun to continue to add to my collection as I find similar baskets. 

The rug was a random find from Urban Outfitters (on sale even!) - I just love trolling their "apartment" department for quirky finds. Unfortunately it's sold out, but I found a similar one here.

And I can't forget the bar cart! I love a good bar cart set up... we only set ours up when we are entertaining.  It's so nice to put the mixer items for two or three drinks out and then guests can help themselves.  When we don't have it stocked with our favorite cocktail recipe I keep a plant and some other decorative items on it.  It's super convenient to leave in the dining room, or wheel into the kitchen if we are entertaining more casually in there. 

I hope you enjoyed the little look into our home.  Of course, rooms are always evolving... I still need to find blinds for in here (anyone else have a bear of a time trying to find window treatments with a tray ceiling!?!? I'm stumped!) and I'm always fiddling with the decor on the bar cart and the side boards - but that's the fun of it!

Thanks again to Minted for the gorgeous artwork for this room!


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