Thursday, June 1, 2017

my everyday style: all black and white!

We are to that point of the school year where even I am thinking: "sheesh, they still have to show up there?" Michigan is notorious for starting school late in the fall and ending late in the summer. It's the worst! The weather is gorgeous, we've already been to the beach once (and are dying to go back) but yet we still have the slog of school and concerts and any other torture the schools can think up and call it "parental involvement." And let's not even talk about the struggle of dragging my kids out of bed in the morning. Gah! This mama is ready for summer break.  (I will regret that statement in about two weeks, I'm sure!)

But anyway, it's business as usual around here so I'm still running around like a chicken with her head cut off, trying to make it all work.  Then when school gets out I turn into a bona-fide crazy person trying to make it all work - but at least there is pool time involved. Moms, who's with me?  Speaking of mom-duty this is the perfect "mom" look for early summer... let's be honest, while I may throw on a pair of shorts for weekend stuff or for more off-duty days, I turn to jeans when a girl has to get some ish done.  Jeans and a tank are one of my favorite summer combos because I just feel the most comfy in jeans and the tank keeps me cool.  When the humidity and heat really rise, I'll reach for a dress... but I wear jeans for about 90% off the year.  It's just my thing.  What's your go-to mom look?

Outfit Details:
Jeans (old, but similar or similar)

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